Search and rescue insurance

Insure your expedition before crossing the ice cap or sailing along the coast.

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SAR insurance

Exploring the Greenland ice cap or sailing along parts of the coast has become incredibly popular, but at the same time it is a dangerous sport, for the nature and the climate in Greenland are very harsh and changeable. Therefore, you must take the necessary precautions and insure yourself.

Start allways by applying for a permit for the expedition 

You must allways start by applying for a permission for your expedition at the Government of Greenland before we can give you an offer on Search and Rescue insurance, also known as SAR insurance. Read  more here what you have to do.

For both individuals and business

We offer Search and Rescue insurance to individuals who want an experience for life and for companies that want to carry out research of different kinds in Greenland. An expedition must be a minimum of 2 persons.

Why should you buy SAR insurance?

The Goverment of Greenland requires that all expeditions, whether it be an expedition through sailing along parts of the coast or an expedition over the Greenlandic ice sheet, must purchase a SAR insurance.

Where on Greenland do you have to buy a SAR insurance?

All remote parts of Greenland, you must both have the permission to access and buying a SAR insurance. See on this map of Greenland where it is required.

What does SAR insurance cover?

Search and rescue insurance covers the expences for search and rescue operation. It is a prerequisite for coverage that the Greenlandic authorities have initiated the rescue operation.

Vi also offer you the following add-on covers:

  • Your equipment and baggage.
  • Travel accident.

What kind of help do you get, if an accident happens?

If your expedition gets in trouble and you send a distress-signal then the police in Greenland coordinates the search and rescue using helicopters, aeroplanes and trained rescue personnel.